To ensure a sustainable operation, all the wood used to make our Folding Furniture is sourced only in renewable forests from Brazil, in order to supply products that are durable and beautiful, but above all, socially and environmentally-friendly.


We wanted to make sure that our sources of eucalyptus coexisted in harmony with the fauna and flora. They are planted along with preservation areas in a practice known as mosaic planting, that ensures shelter and access to food for a variety of wildlife species.



We also require our suppliers to practice sustainable forestry management – a set of technologies and management practices that are able to reconcile eucalyptus cultivation, in an economically feasible manner, with the preservation of natural resources, environmental preservation, and respect for the local community.


Eucalyptus Wood

We take great pride in our efforts to preserve and protect the environment.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability extends far beyond the materials we use to produce our wood products and fine furniture. Being green is also about the actions we take in our day-to-day operations to minimize the impact on our air, water, and soil.  


We continually seek opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet. We have made it our on-going responsibility to improve the energy efficiency of our operations, minimize our waste, purchase materials from suppliers whose manufacturing practices are green, and continue to build on our best practices of recycling and donations.

Green Statement

Sustainability Commitment

"All Primeway Decor folding furniture are made up of Eucalyptus trees which are harvested exclusively from renewable tropical forests, making them an environmentally friendly, yet durable and beautiful product."

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