Privacy Policy

We value our relationship with you and consider our approach to privacy of the information you provide to the Primewaydecor Telephone Center and to the Primewaydecor Online Store to be an important aspect of that relationship. Our Privacy Policy governs the collection and use of information through the Primewaydecor activities purpose only. By submitting your personally identifiable information to us in relation to your order, you consent to such information being processed to fulfill your order and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions

All orders are subject to your consent to any applicable usage terms delivered with, included in, or presented in connection with our products.
We attempt to describe the products available for purchase through the Primewaydecor Telephone Center and thorough the Primewaydecor Online Store as accurately as possible. However, we do not warrant that the prices, selling territory, quotations, anticipated delivery dates, and descriptions made or referred to, are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. The prices, quotations and descriptions made are subject to availability, do not constitute an offer and may be withdrawn or revised at any time prior to our express Acceptance of your order (as described below).
While we make every effort to ensure that all Primewaydecor items are available, we cannot guarantee that all items are in stock or immediately available when you submit your order. We may reject your order (without liability) if we are unable to process or fulfill it. If this is the case, we will refund any prior payment that you have made for that item.
An order submitted by you only constitutes an offer by you to us to purchase products subject to these Terms at the price and on the terms stated in the order, and is subject to our subsequent Approval (as defined below), irrespective of whether the button or link you press or activate to submit your order to us includes words such as “complete order” or otherwise indicates that it is the final step in completion of your order. Any order confirmation email received by you prior to our Approval shall constitute an acknowledgement of our receipt of your offer only, and not an acceptance of your offer.
You acknowledge and agree that if you are placing an order with Primewaydecor Telephone Center or Primewaydecor Online Store, you are placing a legally binding offer. You consent to: (i) the use of electronic communications in order to enter into contracts and place orders with us; and (ii) the electronic delivery of notices, policies and records of transactions initiated or completed by you online. You have the right to withdraw your consent to electronic contracting and to electronic delivery, but if you do, we may cancel your order and/or your access to Primewaydecor Online Store. If you do not consent to receive any notices electronically, you must stop using the Primewaydecor Online Store.
Our Approval of your order only occurs at such time that we have received payment of the purchase price of your order through settlement of funds via your provided credit card or other payment method ("Approved Order"). We may cancel your order at any time and for any lawful reason prior to Acceptance. After the Approval, an automatic e-mail acknowledgement of your order may be generated on cases where the e-mail address is associated to the order.
We may keep records of orders received, acknowledgements, acceptances and other contract records after Approval for a period not to exceed the maximum period permitted by law. We may be able to provide you with copies on written request; however you must make sure you print a copy of all such documents and these Terms for your own records.
If we have cause to believe that you are unable to pay your debts as they fall due, you fail to pay any amount by the due date or breach any of these Terms, we believe you have engaged in fraud or criminal activity in connection with your use of the Primewaydecor purchase system, or we are unable to process payment to the payment method you provided with your offer, then, without prejudice to any of our other rights, we may do any or all of the following: (a) stop any products in transit to you; (b) suspend further deliveries of product if on an ongoing basis; (c) stop or suspend provision of Primewaydecor Services; (d) cancel any automatic renewal plan in which you have elected to participate; and/or (e) cancel any and all other contracts between us and you.

Return Policy

We fundamentally believe you will be satisfied with the products you purchase from Primewaydecor. We understand, however, that sometimes any purchased product may not be subject of what you expected it to be. In that unlikely event for returns, all received products must be undamaged and not presenting any used condition, simply return all received items in an appropriate package within 7 days of the received date to our address. On the return process, we are not responsible for the shipping expenses and we do not take title to returned items until they arrive at our fulfillment center. But, there is one  exception. A couple of markeplaces that resprents Primewaydecor's brand can work with a return authorization and you can print a return shipping label or return the item to a their store location near you. As the products are received, they are submitted to the return inspection center. Since the conditional checking is approved, we will refund you according to the payment done. The refunds will be issued in the same form as the original method of payment.

Eventual defects in products (not being defects caused by any act, neglect or default on your part) shall be notified us of such defect within 3 days of your receipt of the product. To request replacements for those cases, you may be asked to submit evidence of the defects to Primewaydecor, who will analyze and respond for the request. This may include or not a possible return of the defective item to the Primewaydecor, depending on the Primewaydecor internal occurrence criteria.